10 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

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1.Your dog stares directly into your eyes.

It’s not your imagination. That’s a look of love. A chemical called: oxytocin is released causing the both of you to bond

2.Your dog wags his tail to the right.

Dogs will wag their tall for many reasons some not positive, but scientist have discovered that dogs wag their tails at certain angles.

Dogs wags their tails to the right when they see their owners.

3.They lift their eyebrows when they see you.

Strangers usually get an ear lift, but dog owners get an eyebrow lift from their pets.

4. Dogs yawns when you yawn.

Humans usually yawn when we see another human yawn. Somewhere in the 70 percent of dogs do this. Researchers have found that

dogs yawn when they watched their owner yawn. It’s a sign of emotional bonding between humans and their pets

5. They want to sleep in your bed or bedroom.

Dogs are pack animals if a dog wants to sleep in your bed or bedroom. That means your part of his pack.

6. Doggies bring you a toy.

Yes. That means they want to play with you, which is a sign of affection. It may also mean they want to please you.

7. Your pet greets you when you come home.

Your dog is saying he or she is happy to see you. You don’t need science to tell you that they are ecstatic to see and love you.

8. Your dog nudges you to get you to pet him.

Again we know that several studies have shown dogs get a rise in oxytocin when we pet them. So nudging just saying let’s bond.

9. Dogs love to cuddle after dinner with you.

All dogs love food a lot, but if they cuddle with you after dinner. That means you are the most important thing to them.

It is a sign of deep attachment to you.

10. They lick you.

We all know that mother dogs lick their puppies to groom them, it’s a primal sign of affection. When your dog licks

you he get pleasure out of it. This makes the brain release the chemical endorphin that makes them happy and calm.

Your pet can give you, so much love and affection and you will live longer for it.


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