10 Fun Ways to Work Out With Your Dog

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There’s no reason to leave your dog at home when you want to go for a bike ride. There are available on my site that are made for biking with your dog.


You can strike a warrior pose on your own, but why not do the downward do with your dog. Doga as it is called is yoga for dogs. It is a fantastic way to teach your pup to incorporate yoga into the mind-body routine.


Take your furry friend on your running routine. Always start small with usually a run around the block. Then you can gradually increase the distance. Maybe all the way up to a 5k run. Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding: 

Dogs love getting out on or in the water, but try introducing him to a stand-up paddleboard on land first.Get him use to it first, so then you can take him out onto the lake.

Make sure you strap on a bright life jacket on them, no matter how good he can swim.

Boot Camp: 

How awesome would that be to take your dog to a fitness boot camp. Check out you local area for a boot camp the allows you to bring your pet dog to work out.


Yeah! If you love to dance. Then musical canine freestyle maybe for you. It is actually a competitive sport in which you and your dog dance to a choreographed routine. Get ready because you will burn a lot of calories all the while you listen to your favorite music.

Interval Walks: 

Power up your daily walks with interval training into your routine. It will help boost your metabolism and you and your canine companion with get a ton more out of the neighborhood stroll.


If you love swimming as your workout routine. During the warmer months  you can jump in the pool with your furry friend for a little swim or some laps in the pool.

Make sure your furry friend is wearing a life jacket and bring a tennis ball for some fun. You can even find a beach or lake that is dog-friendly to visit.


If your an avid hiker. Then take your dog for a romp around the woods or forest. Studies have shown the benefits of nature walks and the relief of stress and enhanced memory function, so extend the benefits to your wonderful dog.

Stair Climbing:

Stair climbing is a great workout. it may also be the most underused piece of equipment in your house. This is just a simple way of keeping your and your furry friend fit. Especially if the weather is bad outside, so you can still get a workout running up and down the stairs with your dog. This will help engage the different muscles while walking and running up and down the stairs. Helping you both get into shape for the summertime. Have a great time working out with your favorite friends!


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